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We searched for the keyword “Calgary Computer Jobs” on Google. Here are some of the links that appeared. We encourage you to look for related keywords or key phrases with the terms IT, programming, web designing etc in them.,-AB

We meet or come across many people who are trained, equiped and educated for IT yet do not pursue this field fully for some reason. Some of the reasons that we feel may be a lack of networking with IT people and resources, thought that other jobs yield instant or quick money, lack of knowledge or the correct inspiration. We endeavor to fill that gap.

We encourage you to pursue your field if you have been into IT at some point in your life. We also encourage you to consider IT as a career if you are looking for options or are making up your mind in your career pursuit. At the same time, IT Quip Magazine team wishes you good luck in your mission of finding the correct opening in IT! It’s all possible. Give it a try and don’t quit! Please send us your suggestions and inputs at for any related post or suggestion. We would love to share it with our readers. Thank You!                     From: IT Quip Desk