Top 5 Reasons to Advertise With Us

IT Quip is your source for some of the best print and digital advertising around! But you’re probably wondering just what sets us apart from others – let’s go over five reasons to advertise with IT Quip!

  • Reach thousands of readers! We’re not just a small brochure that gets handed out on a street corner. Our magazine is enjoyed by many thousands of readers, each with their own unique interests in the technological world.
  • Get exposure locally and across multiple cities! Our magazine is enjoyed by many readers throughout Calgary Canada, but our web version has a global reach!
  • Connect with a diverse clientele! Our readership spans a wide range of areas and can include business owners, IT professionals, app developers, and so much more. From subjects that are geared for beginners to those that go highly in-depth, you can find the right clientele here.
  • Print and web advertising combo! If one is good, then two must be great! Not only will your advertisement be found in print version within our magazine, but it will also receive 24/7 global exposure on our web servers!
  • Our readers are from all walks of life! Whether you want to focus on advertising to highly advanced IT experts or are attempting to market start-up packages for children to embrace, you can rest assured knowing your advertising will reach your target audience. IT Quip Rate Card