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Front Page of IT Quip Feb 2016


IT Quip began in Calgary and so to call it a Calgary Magazine is being proud for it’s origin. IT Quip endeavors to impart computer or more formally IT education. Our definition of IT is an umbrella based definition and all aspects of software, Web development, software applications, hardware, networking, smart phones and allied industry all fall in IT at IT Quip! There may be a narrower or even a broader approach to IT but here as shared we feel thrilled at all the above aspects and are students ourselves in the great field.

Our Distribution spreads across Calgary and many other adjoining awesome places like Chestermere, Airdrie, Strathmore and far as Brooks, AB. Companies love to advertise with us. Our magazine is enjoyed by all ! IT Geeks and not the geeks and geeks-to-be! The young, the old and the kids. We strive to include IT articles that all can enjoy and those that enhance and build general IT awareness among all.

We love to receive your articles! If you want to share their views, experiences or simply write-ups on anything IT, email us your submission. We will want to include it in our earliest possible publication! Your Calgary magazine and our readers are waiting for your great articles.