About IT Quip


For 9 years I have been an InfoTech teacher at an independent educational facility in Vancouver, Canada. My focus had been on developing and preparing booklets, brochures, newsletters, quarterly and yearly school books. Since I was also the editor, I was given the opportunity to not only gather insightful and fascinating tech-based information, but also to compile it and lay out each page in the magazine before it was printed. With this experience in hand, by the time 2014 had rolled around I decided to start my own company. An IT education magazine needed to be shared with the world. IT Quip was born!

IT Quip was launched with the intention of providing a wealth of information for everyone, no matter what level of IT knowledge they have. Whether they are an IT professional with many years of experience, or an impressionable tech-focused child wanting to make their mark in tomorrow’s world, we are sure there will be something for everyone within the pages of our magazine. We want our readers to relate to the information we provide, learn from it, be able to use quips here and there, and even exchange their own IT knowledge with others by writing for us!

We believe utilizing both print and online media is the best way to communicate with our audience, and give you the chance to reach a wide number of viewers through our advertising opportunities. When you advertise in IT Quip magazine, you can effortlessly reach both local and global eyes! We stand behind you every step of the way to ensure your mark is made!

Though this IT Magazine is based out of Canada, for the print part, the outreach of IT Quip is global!

Welcome to IT Quip!
Welcome to IT Quip!