Kyle Bergum – An inspiration in the IT world

Kyle Bergum
Kyle Bergum

IT Quip had the privilege of speaking with Mr Kyle Bergum. He is a legally blind IT professional. Kyle was born legally blind and has 5% vision.
With all that, would you imagine that he is making strides in the IT profession? Yes, Kyle Bergum is an inspiration! Kyle has a variety of IT skills and has worked in the corporate world, as an IT pro.
From working with Microsoft in Seattle, with Petro Canada as a DBA and with his love for technology, Kyle has a message to us all. A message so very loud. Nothing can stop you from achieving anything in life! This message echoes from the life of Mr Kyle Bergum. Says Kyle, “Everyone has a challenge in life. Even an attitude is a challenge with many people. We all have to overcome something. Live life to the fullest. I live everyday as rich as I can. I enjoy, learn and impact others. We all have to pay bills at the end.”
Kyle has many certifications to his resume including the prominent ones from Cisco and Microsoft. Starting from being an analyst at the University of Calgary, Kyle has moved to various challenging and exciting roles. Designing and building data centres at Agriculture and Health Canada as an IT Manager has been Kyle’s role for 5 years. His job at CP Rail has enabled him insight and experience in implementing Microsoft based client/ server computer model as a transition from the Mainframe computers there. He has also served as Architect and IT Director in various companies. Kyle has had the privilege and skills to be able to lead Data Centre implementions at companies at high positions in the organizations. From 2001 to 2008, Kyle has been at Microsoft as operations group manager, senior program manager, group manager business IT and similar roles. Kyle has been with Alberta Health Services as senior architect. From being a senior solutions consultant at Habanero, the list goes on.

Some of the areas of Kyle’s focus include:

Office 365 / Azure / AWS solutions and integrated architecture
Regulatory and Compliance from a data and business continuity perspective
IOT / Big Data / Analytics / BI, ETL – DW, Data services encompassing structured and unstructured data,
Global Cloud and Private Cloud
Business process Automation / Instrumentation and Optimization
Infrastructure transformations and platform migration
ITIL / ISO 20000 / COBIT / Zachman / TOGAF / MOF / MSF / Microsoft Reference Archtiecture

Kyle feels that Windows 10 and Mac Computers have a lot of accessibility options, which is great. Kyle Bergum uses a 55 inches TV as a monitor for his work. On the note about progress the IT industry has made in Canada in regards to accessibility resources, Kyle feels there is a lot more to be acheived.
Kyle and his wife get excited at the time of Christmas. One of their contributions on this is their resource called www.MrAnd Kyle is sensitive to the user design and user experience considerations of a project.